Saadani rhodesian ridgebacks

  Setting the Standard

Very occasionally puppies are available to loving homes.  If you are interested in a Sonstraal / Saadani puppy please contact us either through the website contact us page, email us at [email protected].  Please note in order to protect the breed and the puppies, all are sold with contracts and endorsed pedigree certificates 'progeny not eligible for registration' and 'progeny not eligible for an export pedigree'.  Please contact us for more information and to discuss joining our waiting list.

Puppies expected End August / Early September 2019

Puppies - Born May 2018 - Repeat Mating

May 2018 - Minx has given birth to 9 puppies in a repeat mating of the litter below to Brad.  We have 3 girls (1 liver) and 2 boys (2 liver) - all look to be correct after initial checks.  Please contact us for more information. Photos below taken at 7 weeks old. All puppies are reserved. 

Puppies 6 weeks old - October 2016 - Minx x Brad

Minx gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies on 21st September 2016 - 2 girls and 5 boys (1 liver) - 1 girl had a DS (operated) and the other had a single crown in her ridge.  All boys correct & all in fabulous homes. 

6 week stacks

Previous Litters...

Sookie gave birth to 9 beautiful babies on 17th August 2015, all are doing well.  We had 4 boys (1 is liver nose) and 5 girls.  No dermoid sinus, no excessive white, all perfect ridges, 1 minor kinked tail.  Photos below at 3 weeks old.

Elvis' Progeny

Anny had 8 big, chunky puppies on 2nd July 2012. 5 boys and 3 girls.  1 girl had a dermoid sinus which was successfully removed and she was placed in a fabulous home.  1 puppy had a kinked tail.  No excessive white, all fabulous temperaments, all correct ridges and doing well.  

Our own Fonz 'Gabisa Spotted Dick' and his sister 'Gabisa Strawberry Tart' have both gained their stud book numbers from this litter.

Loren had 9 healthy puppies in the Czech Republic on 4th August 2012.  6 boys, 3 girls.  8 were show quality, 1 had three crowns therefore was sold as a pet only. No DS, no kinked tails, no excessive white. 

One puppy 'Marigold' is in training for search and rescue in the Czech Republic and is also a Czech Junior Champion. 

Another 'Atos' is Champion of Czech Republic Ch Joyful Dopey Helya Ridge.

Sonstraal Litter, 16th July 2011. 

Ch Sonstraal Chocolate Storm ShCM x Sonstraal Gabby's Dream ShCM.

Kainda had 10 healthy puppies, 6 boys and 4 girls.  2 girls had a DS successfully removed and joined loving families.  We had 2 minor kinked tails and some excessive white (2 puppies).  All ridged, one with minimally off-set crowns.

One puppy - Sonstraal Living the Dream (Valentino) was exported to the Rex Ventors Kennel in Sweden.

This litter produced our beautiful girl Sookie.  All puppies have exceptional temperaments.

Kamili Litter, July 2012.

Ch Sonstraal Chocolate Storm ShCM x Kamili Asabi.

Dolly gave birth to 12 healthy puppies on 1st July 2012, 3 boys and 9 girls.  No DS, no excessive white, no kinked tails, 1 ridgeless and 1 short ridge.

This litter produced UK Champion Kamili Comes and Goes JW (Jolene) and her sister Iris - Kamili Coat of Many Colours currently has 2 x CC's.