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Saadani Rhodesian Ridgebacks

My very own page, by Elvis 

Well, I thought I'd use this page to tell you a bit about what I like to get up to...

I'm a real fun loving boy, and love playing with dogs of all descriptions. Baako is my best buddy and although we are both boys we still get on really well - I get to play really roughly with him and he loves it! Come to think of it, I've never met a dog I didn't want to play's a shame they all don't feel the same about me!

I love to go visiting our relatives with my mum and dad, but I like to make sure I keep my creature comforts. If I'm not sitting on my mum's knee I like to perch on the couch if I'm allowed - it's much more civilised!

I'm a spoiled boy who's not ashamed to admit it! My mum seems to have an illness as she can't leave a pet shop without buying me something - and I love going with her to help pick! I'm very good with my toys though - I look after them. I have a huge Scooby Doo (he looks a bit like me) that I've had for over 2 years and not chewed-just cuddled and lots of squeeky toys I like to use when mum's on the phone working! I love to be tucked in at night with my blanket - COSY!!

When I'm not being pampered I like to get really dirty - the photo on the left was taken after I dive bombed into a big muddy puddle, we're talking swamp here (yeah you're right, my face isn't normally black). My mum thinks it's weird that I like puddles though cause I hate the rain and don't even think about bathing me, brrrrrr!

I am the original good boy - I have never chewed anything in the house (except the toys that I'm allowed to destroy) and I don't dig in the garden. My cousin Wilma was trying to teach me to dig on the beach but I just watched her - I didn't want to get a row!

I am cheeky sometimes when my mum and dad are out - I like to help myself to their bed...well it seems such a waste to sit empty and it is very comfortable. They don't know though as when I hear them I run back downstairs and pretend I wasn't on it. They let me up sometimes for a cuddle and it's great. The only problem for them is getting me back off it, and the fact that I take up all the room!

I love sitting on your knee, so if you come to visit be prepared. If you are anywhere near the floor, crouching, kneeling, sitting - you're mine! Otherwise I'll settle for sitting on your foot, I just like to be close for a cuddle.

Things I like;

The girls , my walks - preferably with a doggy mate, other dogs, cuddles and kisses, playing with my toys, play fighting, being dried after a walk or bath, lying in front of the fire, having a long lie on the bed with my mum/dad, going somewhere new in the car, cream, mackeral, chicken, milk, cheese, sausages, liver, steak, ice cream, tuna, garlic bread...going to visit the grand parents - mmmm biscuits, shows (lots of treats), my neighbours, children, massages, getting my teeth brushed, being tucked in for a snooze, profleece, frosty mornings, running about mad on the beach,

Things I could do without;

Rain, baths, fighting, the vet, wet grass, grumpy dogs, getting my nails done, getting my feet washed, getting my ears cleaned

Mum and Dad have started taking me hillwalking now that I'm a big boy, my Dad won't do anything smaller than a Munro (mountain over 3000 ft) so our first one in April 2010 was Ben Vorlich at 3076 ft. It's a lovely mountain next to Loch Earn in Perthshire, but I had to stay on the lead as there were loads of lambs on the hill and Mum and Dad didn't want the farmer to get cross at me. Check out the photo page for pictures of me at the top!