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Saadani Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Rex Ventors Uptown Girl at Saadani (Imp Swe)

Minx was our pretty Swedish import who had large, dark eyes and the sweetest temperament. She was best friends with Sookie and they had a great time together! Minx never took to the show ring so we never forced her - she much preferred a comfy sofa or a run through the fields.

Breeder: Miss Veronica Thoren

01/11/2010 - 17/08/2020

MV Lionwolf My Crazy Adin x Rex Ventors Naiad

Hips 5/3 = 8, Elbow = 0

JME - N / N (Clear) by Laboklin

DM: N / DM (EXON 2) (Carrier) by Laboklin

Minx had two litters, the sire for both was Australian import Chilolo SHHA Shoot For The Moon (AI) aka Brad. First litter (Show themed) was born on 22nd September 2016. She had 8 pups, sadly a liver boy was stillborn but the remaining 7 were strong and healthy. Minx was the best mother you could have hoped for and loved her babies till the day they left the nest, continuing to feed, wash and play with them even long after they were weaned.

She had 2 girls - Amber and Moy, and 5 boys - Nevis, Major, Fergus, Aonach (liver) & Ozzy. It was a lovely litter - we had one DS (operated) and a single crown otherwise they were all correct and have grown into beautiful much loved members of the family who are regularly complimented for their temperaments and presence. We look forward to watching them grow and photos will follow...

The second litter (Storm themed) was born on 14th May 2018. She had 9 pups, 3 girls - Kanzi, Roxy & Stella (1 liver) and 6 boys Sylvester, Louie, Manny, Bowdy, Finn & Diesel (2 liver) - all were correct, no DS, no excess white and no kinks. 

Sadly, we lost Minx in the summer of 2020 to mammary cancer. She’d been really well and then a lump appeared quickly, the vet removed it and didn’t suspect cancer as it came away really easily but sadly the lab reported it was a very aggressive tumour, which spread really fast thereafter. 

RIP sweet girl 

Minx' Dam - Rex Ventors Naiad

Photos of Minx as a baby and her parents courtesy of Veronica Thoren (pictured), Rex Ventors Kennel (Swe)

Minx' Sire - MV Lionwolf My Crazy Adin 

Minx x Brad Saadani 'Show' Litter