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Saadani rhodesian ridgebacks

Setting the Standard

Playtime Playtime Wilma shows Elvis how to dig 37871424 Elvis in the Mud 37871419 Kinshaldy Beach April 09 Thanks to Lee Black for taking this beautiful photograph! 37871421 Tentsmuir Forest, April 09 37871422 Kinshaldy Beach April 09 Thanks to Lee Black for capturing this moment. 37871423 Natural poser 37871442 Dirty Boy! 37871425 A random friend on Dalgety Bay beach 37871420 Dalgety Bay Beach, May 09 37871426 Elvis and Wilma 37871427 Rolling in the grass in the sunshine 37871428 Playing with Baako at the Fort, Bonnybridge 37871429 Muddy boys 37871430 Shake, shake...shake, shake, shake it! 37871431 Mud bath's great for the skin and coat I'm told! 37871432 Muddy again... Tired from playing with his best mate and doesn't get much better! 37871433 Something must smell good 37871434 Round 2, ding ding. 37871435 Even more tired and muddy. 37871436 Second wind. 37871437 Taking a breather by the canal 37871438 Canal side, Bonnybridge 37871439 May 09, by the beach in Dalgety Bay 37871440 Beautiful boy 37871441 Elvis sharing his new dog bag with Baako... ...whether he wanted to or not! 37871443 Scooby getting a doin' 38015233 Elvis with his two buddies, Baako and Roux the Visla 38015234 Elvis, Roux and Baako 38015235 Roux, Baako and Elvis 38015236 Posing, Dalgety Bay Harbour 38015237 Give the dog a bone 38015238 What? 38015259 Kinghorn beach on a beautiful morning 38015260 Kinghorn Beach 38015261 Elvis, and Baako Kinghorn Beach 38015262 Sit! Kinghorn Beach 38015263 It's mine! 38015264