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Saadani rhodesian ridgebacks

Setting the Standard

Puppyhood Puppyhood Cute at 4 months Mastered the "sit" 37471732 5 months on the beach in the Bay Looking over the Forth to Edinburgh 37471731 Handome chap looking old beyond his 5 months. 37472954 10 weeks 37472955 Trying to work out why this thing keeps flashing in his face. 37472956 Cosy by the fire. 37472957 Tired boy. 37472958 Cuddle in 37472959 Are you still taking photos? 10 weeks 37472960 Sleepy time. 37472961 Big paws. 37472962 Bum to the fire...oh what a surprise! 37472963 Caged! He loved that crate, his very own den. 37472964 The clothes horse. Elvis still likes to help with the housework wherever he can - he follows me around anyway so might as well make himself useful! 37472965 5 months...still wondering what's with the camera? 37472966