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Saadani Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Show Summary 2022

It was our first full year back showing following the COVID pandemic, and we were still wearing masks in Scotland until June.  

we had some great results with limited showing.  Highlights included Nevis gaining his 3rd and 4th CC's and becoming a UK Champion.  Phoenix won his second CC, Rusty won two Reserve CC's and Sylvester and Baby were awarded their Stud book numbers. 

Rusty in 2022

SRRA Championship show, March 22 - Susan Simper (Matabelle)

1st Junior Dog -  Mrs L Reid – If I can Dream Energy of Africa For Saadani (Cze Imp) 16 months red wheaten, strong quality bone. Straight front, well knuckled feet. Masculine head of correct proportions. Lovely eye and expression with a cheeky look about him. Lengthy crested neck into well laid-back shoulder, elbows set well under. Good depth of rib carried well back. Excellent top line with strong broad loin. Broad powerful hindquarters with correct muscling, with low set hock. On first run around he was very enthusiastic and brought his front up but settled beautifully on second run to power around the ring with long low easy strides, driving off his hocks with great propulsion. Correct width between hocks going away, put down in superb order. A very well-balanced boy of quality and correct type. RDCC.

HAS April 22 - Diane Stewart-Ritchie

2nd JD (3,1) 2 Reid’s If I Can Dream Energy Of Africa For Saadani (Imp Cze). Plenty to like constructionally, just not the head of my winner. Good in shoulder. Long ribs to short loin. Very nice quarters. Moved well.

WELKS April 22 - Russell Mosedale

YD (4) 1 If I Can Dream Engery Of Africa For Saadani (Imp Cze). What a quality boy here in the making with a grand appearance and strength throughout, super profile and shape, correct skull shape and proportions, round eye with correct colour, strong reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders, strong bone, compact feet with well arched toes, chest deep, elbows close, moderate spring of rib, muscular loin, strong and powerful hindquarters, well muscled with second thigh muscle, coat in excellent condition, moved with super reach and drive which good not be denied the Res CC today, congratulations.

SRRA May 22 - Denise Flaim (Revodana), USA

Graduate Dog (5 entries, 0 abs)

1. REID If I Can Dream Energy Of Africa For Saadani (imp Czech). Well balanced fore and aft, with excellent bone, correct rear angulation, and nice length and set of neck, topped with a classically handsome male head.

SKC May 22 - Marion Hunt (replacement judge)

YD (4,1) 2. Reid’s I Can Dream Energy Of Africa For Saadani (Cze Imp), Nice head with good depth of flew and nice ears. Again good oval bone and good feet. Moving out well, a little flat over loin.

Dundee Open Show June 22 - David Simpson (Renescent)

PG (3,0) 1 Reid, If I can Dream Energy of Africa For Saadani (IMP CZE) 20 months old Dog who is so balanced in profile. Masculine head with kind, alert expression. Neck of good length, shoulders well laid back and well muscled. Forelegs with good straight bone, correct pasterns and compact feet. Hindquarters well muscled with good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. Covered the ground with ease.

Border Union June 22 - Eddie Patterson 2nd YD

2 Reid; If I Can Dream Energy of Africa for Saadani (imp Cze) Another excellent young hound, of correct size, who could change places with 1st on another day. Nice masculine head correct in proportions with excellent eye and correct bite. Strong neck into good shoulder with good upper-arm and good fore-chest. Strong ribbing and loin, rear angulation ok. Shown in nice condition and coat. Moved well with good reach and drive. (Ex) 

East of England Champ show - Kim Hodge

3rd YD

Border Counties Hound Open Show - Nikki Hurn (Matiki Ridge) 25th July 22

SPECIAL YEARLING D/B (8 Entries, 1 Abs)

2nd Reid, If I Can Dream Energy of Africa for Saadani (imp Cze)

Another strong and well constructed, handsome dog with a good head and neck. Plenty of bone and in good fit condition with strong forequarters and a lovely depth of brisket. Great top line which he held well as he powered around the ring. A balanced dog, well angulated, strong hindquarters with good muscle definition enabling easy ground covering movement.

Leeds Champ show 24/7 - Jackie Parker (Azuli)

2nd Graduate dog - Mrs Lisa If I Can Dream Energy Of Africa For Saadani. Lovely expressive head. Good straight balance from front, standing with a correct line from shoulder to ground. Well sprung rib into strong loin giving correct rise. Well let down hocks together giving lots of effortless power behind. Took a while to settle on the move and one that would benefit from a larger ring. Another with so much more to come.

MNRRC Champ show 30/7 - Liz Story (Kiromol)

YD 6 (0 abs)

1. Reid’s If I Can Dream Energy Of Africa For Sadaani (Imp Cze). Very attractive but obviously male head, loved his expression and dark round eye. Standing on correct, quality bone with tight feet. Good length of well crested neck into excellent shoulder placement. Elbows correctly set well under. Ribcage carried well back. Strong level topline held on the move. Powerful rear with low set hock. Excellent reach and drive. Moved out soundly, great side gait and true fore and aft. Excellent condition and well handled.

City of Birmingham Champ show, September - Lyn Hewson (Rekaylahn)

1st PGD

Darlington Champ show, September - Linda Cox (Carlincox)

2nd PGD - 2 Reid If I Can Dream Energy of Africa for Saadani. (cze imp) 13 Month old male of great make and shape, great bone and substance showing great promise, good head with good depth of muzzle, lovely reach of neck with best of fronts, good depth of chest, moved with reach and drive and well handled.

Belfast Champ show - Mark Cocozza

3rd Limit dog

SKC, October - Gary Vandengan

3rd YD

South Wales - Nick Boyd (Sescheke)

1st PGD

RRCS Champ show, November - Sarka Stusakova, (Annunaki)

1st. PGD – If I Can Dream Energy of Africa for Saadani (Imp Cze)

Lovely balanced dog, symmetrical in outline. Well developed body with good bones, substance. Nicely shaped head, well formed muzzle with correct a underjaw. Scissors bite, nice round eyes, ears well set, good length of neck. Correct topline. I would prefer longer croup. Nice depth of chest, well indicated sternum, correctly angulated in front and rear. Moved with plenty of reach and drive. Great coat condition, correct ridge.